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The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds

by SeeYouSpaceCowboy...

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water-bottle666 Best metalcore release of 2019, blew my mind when this dropped. Love this band Favorite track: Dissertation Of An Idle Voice.
Ansel__knight thumbnail
Ansel__knight I’ve Listened To Plenty Of Grindcore, Post Hardcore, And Screamo Records, All Genres I Enjoy…….. But This Stands TF Out In A Special Way!! Fucking Sexy, Fucking Sassy, Fucking Badass! These Guys Got All The Raw Energy, Plus Next Level Dynamics From Hell!!! I Feel Empowered And Disgraced!!!The Intro To The Phoenix Must Reset Is Sooooo Fucking Heavy!!! Can’t Stop Listening….. Support These Freaks!! Favorite track: Dissertation Of An Idle Voice.
humanathema thumbnail
humanathema I fucking love this band. This record is phenomenal. More pls. Favorite track: Dissertation Of An Idle Voice.
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Now let out you pain. stand till, fight till they know your name. the crowd rest within the confines complicit, and hide the blood thats left on their hands. no love for the cowards tears, i know they can hear the sound. The cries for justice that pigs will never answer and theres no choice left to make, just sharpened fangs. Bite Back and Claim Your life. no silence, no peace now, no solace. this unrest will tear the chord of oppressive automation, that produce the chains. the shackled wolves have these dreams of freedom sink your teeth into your captor
You say the vultures are calling for your last breath. And the rhythm of your heartbeat stopped for no more pain, you’ll ask for death by name. Skin deep, solace in violence. Self destructive catharsis. We fan the flames on yourselves. There’s no warmth in burning just ashes. Try and clip your own wings before they can, try and cope with a blood soaked smile. there’s no warmth in burning just ashes. We’re in a car crash and painfully aware of the motion, covered in stains that will never wash away. just reaching out for a sense of peace in the rain. Like reaching hands that never, like reaching hands that never connect.
Watch the righteous distaste keep the soldiers in pace. While boney fingers palpitate their hearts with hate. Don’t bow down, in the end these fucking tyrants will never see this through. Young lives burned down by the serpent’s tongue, but shift through the ashes they still haven’t won. So shouts the fallen, these fucking pigs must be undone. We’ll bleed the ties of their rule. Their destruction is our only means of salvation.
Cold lies, the substance of the chains that tie us to our pain. Then we’re promised some relief, relief from the state. Weak pulse, Weak Pulse. Don’t call the ambulance as my heart stops. Weak pulse, falling out of the rhythm, rhythm of this hopeless dance. All I can hear is my voice calling out into, into the void met with no reply. No Answer to agony. There’s no solace in this meaningless existence. Cold Lies
I still remember that night. Sitting in silence hoping, but I already knew you were gone. Confirmation stabbed in me cracking out until all parts of me collapsed and any semblance of hope turned to ash. I can’t count how many times i thought of following you, almost wishing each new wave of agony would finally push me to the end. I know you’ll never hear those messaged i left but i still wish we could exchange words and laughs one more time. Or that i could even hear your voice, your breath responding to mine. There are so many things i wish i could say in that moment or the last time we spoke, when i was really the last voice that you heard on this earth. No one ask why we all saw the pain in your eyes that you tried to hide with a smile, it was such a beautiful smile. We never, never believed in heaven. But i still hope you are in that house by the Beach. No, no more pain in this life. You can rest now, but i miss you. they said you looked so peaceful and i don’t know if i wish i could have seen you like that, no struggle, no pain, you’re unchained from this earth. But all i can picture in my mind is an angel in the rope. I’m so sorry that i couldn’t help you. I wanted you to be free from the tangles thorns. I want to go back, back to a time when our hearts beat as one. In the end I can’t accept that I’m still here and you are not.
Constrain and save what you can, then pull yourself together. Stitch up the tears and don’t let them see the tangled wires inside. You’ll come undone. Don’t let them see. The pain you feel. It’s not the end. You are not broken just a different model. All of the sympathy, no common ground to stand on. The crushing weight of reaction to difference and traits. Isolation, buried in your mind’s worth. Don’t be afraid to exist, you’re still alive. Don’t burn the effigy, show them that you’re not a lost cause. Don’t be afraid to exist.
Bless the coming resurgence, the bitter lure of the repeat philosophy. Don’t trust progress they marked a love. The main substance just calls for blood. Don’t trust, don’t trust their so called solution. They’ll stab the nails in your hand and call it purity. You don’t need to cut out your heart, nothing is falling apart. You don’t need to cut out your heart, there such beauty in writing your part.
Oh how your eyes dance as the coffin is burning, and inside your solace lies and the remainder of passion dies. Make an attempt to save it, your hearts dismantled again. Your coming resurrection is now. The fire will not burn you down, you can claim it.


released September 27, 2019


all rights reserved



SeeYouSpaceCowboy... San Diego, California

Sasscore from SD

⚧ Ⓐ/Ⓥ/Ⓔ ☭


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